Upgrade to Disco Dingo

I will explain how to upgrade your distro without having to download Ubuntu 19.04 and install again.

1. Open terminal either using ” CTRL + ALT + T ” or from the applications menu and run the following commands:

sudo -i 
apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y

This will ensure that all your packagers are up-to-date.

2. Open ” Software and Update Centre “.

Go to ” Updates ” tab.

3. Make sure that ” For any new version ” is selected is the ” Notify me of a new Ubuntu version ” section.

4. Press ” ALT + F2 ” and type:.

update manager -c

5. Authenticate yourself by typing your login password.

6. As you can see it says software on computer is up-to-date … however, Ubuntu 19.04 now available. Click on ” Upgrade

7. Read the release notes ( if you want to ) and click on ” Upgrade “.

8. Wait for Ubuntu to be updated.

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