Install Apache on CentOS 8

Install Apache Web Server

1. First update all the installed package using:

yum update -y

2. Next install Apache HTTP Server from the default software repositories:

yum install httpd

On completing the terminal will output something like:

3. To check the status of Apache run the following command:

systemctl status httpd

4. To start Apache run:

systemctl start httpd

5. Check the status again and it should look more or less like this:

6. Allow Apache through Firewall:

firewall-cmd –permanent –add-service=http

7. Restart Firewall for changes to take place:

systemctl restart firewalld

8. Check Firewall Rules:

firewall-cmd –list-all

9. Enable Apache at start-up:

systemctl enable httpd

By default the Documentroot is found at:


Change Apache DocumentRoot

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